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1977    "Live in the Sun"                 7"            Precedent Records


1979    "The Moberlys"                   LP            Safety First Records


1983    "I Want to Be Yours"           EP           Precedent Records


1984     "Sexteen"                            LP            Lolita Records


1993    "Pop Top"                             CD           Precedent Records


1996      “Sexteen”                           CD           Bear Family Records


1997     "Jim Basnight Thing"         CD           Precedent Records


1999    "Makin’ Bacon"                    CD           Not Lame Records


2001    “Seattle-NY-LA”                    CD          Pop the Balloon Records


2004   "Recovery Room"                 CD           Precedent Records


2012    "Introducing”                       CD           Precedent Records


2019    "Not Changing"                    CD          Precedent Records


2020    "Jokers, Idols and Misfits"   CD         Precedent Records