Bruce Hazen bio:

Bruce Hazen played guitar in several noted Seattle bands of the Seventies and Eighties, before starting HiFi with David Surkamp (ex-Pavlov's Dog). Iain Matthews (ex-Fairport Convention, Matthews Southern Comfort, et al.) also joined. In 1983 Matthews left for London and a new album project, taking Bruce along. That band toured the UK and Europe over the next year and Bruce played with among others the Pretty Things. In '85 Bruce returned to Seattle where he continues to be an in-demand session and live player. In the 90's Bruce connected with Jim Basnight and contributed guitar to several of Jim’s recording projects. In 2016 Jim re-formed legendary outfit the Moberlys and invited Bruce along on guitar. Bruce also performs with the current Jim Basnight Band and appears on both “Not Changing” and “Jokers, Idols and Misfits.”

Glenn Hummel bio:

Glenn Hummel born and raised in Seattle WA and currently resides in Tacoma WA. Glenn started playing drums at the age of 11. Considered one of the Pacific Northwest's most versatile and professional drummers, Hummel started gigging at 16 years old. Performing music at Green River Community College, Highline College jazz ensemble and jazz choir, along with Jim Basnight, Jerry Miller of Moby Grape and many original and cover acts for the past 35 years, he currently teaches and does studio work. Glenn is well versed in many styles is highly sought after for his drumming and singing. In the past ten years he has been with the Jim Basnight Band, Glenn has evolved into a rock solid leader in the band live on stage and in recording and filmed situations.

Kurt Jensen bio:

After a career as bassist in notable heavy rock a.k.a. “Grunge” bands and jam bands in Seattle in the 90’s, Jensen landed in Maria Muldaur’s touring band, traveling across the US numerous times from 2006-2010. Jensen also played dates in Garth Hudson, from the Band’s touring solo show in 2009. Kurt has a natural feel, based on an appreciation of the blues and always puts on a great show, both visually and musically. Kurt has been in the Jim Basnight Band since 2013 and regularly performs with Jim as an acoustic duo, as well as in the full band. Jensen is also a music film producer, who has filmed the Jim Basnight Band and Jim solo on numerous occasions in HD, with top notch quality recorded sound..

Beth Peabody bio:

Beth Peabody, 30, is the primary backup singer for the Jim Basnight Band. Born in Cooperstown NY, she has been around music her entire life. Her grandfather is an avid classical music listener and from a young age she discovered she could hear pitch incredibly well. She started her classical piano training early in life and was professionally recognized at age nine for her talents. After essentially starring in choir and band during high school, Beth moved to Alabama where she got her start in the industry. She has been a studio session vocalist, songwriter, formed an in demand acoustic duo Untamed Spirit and worked as a producer as well. She has been regularly performing with Jim since 2019 and always enjoys hitting the stage to entertain people.

Sean Peabody bio:

A veteran of the music industry and always at home on the stage, Sean Peabody (33) is a bassist, drummer, guitarist and vocalist, who always promises to bring forth a show. Growing up in the American South, he turned his love of American music into a career with the US Marine and Army Bands, session work in Nashville/ Muscle Shoals, constant touring, and residencies in many bands. Having had the professionalism of the military bands along with the experiences of working with Southern Greats such as Travis Posey, Duane Betts, Dave Anderson, Shenandoah, Darryl Worley, Billy Lawson, Michael Curtis and countless others, Sean makes it a mission to always bring the exact right note at the right time and to make the performance special in the Jim Basnight Band, where he regularly and fluidly switches roles.

Mikel T. Rollins bio:

Mikel T. made a mark in the NW in the mid-late 70’s as a member of Sundance Rhythm Band, the first authentic Reggae-Latin band to regularly tour Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. He toured Japan in the 80’s with Jazz, Rock R+B act Astral Traveler. Mikel has also earned his Blues and Psychedelic Rock credentials with Seattle’s resident “Bluesman,” the late Isaac Scott and the Plano Brothers, core performers of former ABC Records late 60’s recording artists the Crome Syrcus, who performed at the legendary Seattle Pop Festival in 1969 with the Doors, Led Zeppelin and Tina Turner. Mikel, whose grandmother served Jimi Hendrix peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in Seattle in the 1950’s, plays bass, sax, flute, harmonica and sings in the Jim Basnight Band and is the longest serving member, since 1996. He’s appeared on Basnight’s “Recovery Room,” “We Rocked and Rolled,” “Introducing Jim Basnight” and “Jokers, Idols and Misfits” albums.

Pat Ringe bio:

Pat Ringe was born and raised in Ellensburg, WA. He took up drumming in Middle- and High School bands, participating in concert, marching and pep bands. Over the years since, Pat has enjoyed countless hours of rehearsals and gigs with his longtime band, the Industrials. Ringe was introduced to Jim Basnight through a Seattle producer Mark Naficy and was both flattered and terrified that Jim wanted to bring him on as one of his band members. Pat counts among his fans Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Michael Derosier and Steve Fossen of Heart. Many Basnight gigs later, Ringe still has an absolute blast backing up Jim’s unique tunes and his ever-engaging banter with his audiences. Pat has a strong natural feel and plays to the song while guiding the band in what seems like effortless fashion.